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Tonight was simply a meditation. Ujjayi breath and a silent dedication. Chanting Positivity and Love and directing this energy to a friend. Spine lengthening with every inhale, shoulders settling with every exhale. Peace.


Working on a gentle flow for my first regular private student tonight! As I break down asanas into teachable steps, I think about the first and most important element of yoga, the breath. I plan to introduce conscious breathing in the beginning of practice, and eventually work up to the Ujjayi breath.

Yoga means union or yoke, as in yoking breath with movement, body with mind, individual with the divine. Through conscious breathing, the process of unification begins.

I’m looking forward to teaching this class. I know I will learn more through this experience than my student. For that, I am grateful.

Miss Kylie
 Candlelight flickers, dances
I watch through my eyelids
 Mind wanders today
Kylie the cat meows through the door
No colors appearing, that’s different
I try to envision a white ball of light
Focus the mind
That works for a little while
Kylie meows again, her morning discourse
Breath flows in and out
But I am not the driver of the breath
It comes and goes without my direction
Filling my ears, my brain
My body is waking up
Kylie, ready to play, again through the door
5 minutes? The timer will go off
Stay focused, discipline
And then, Purple
A Kalidescope
Kylie meows, again
I realize it might be time
Opening my eyes, a deep inhale
Timer stopped- 5 minutes passed 5 minutes ago
Or more
Peace and joy
Ready for the day
Good Morning Kylie

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