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This would have normally been a day I skip yoga. Too much going on. My professional obligations, personal commitments and poor time management combine to make Friday a challenging day to practice.

But, 28 practices in 28 days… It is on my mind a lot. I believe in this concept and am dedicated to this effort. I only had a few moments to practice, (lesson learned, get up earlier.) Centering, Cat Cow, 2 Sun Salutations, Child’s Pose, Intense Western Stretch, Navasana, Half Shoulder stand and Shavasana. Ahhhhhh.

Second lesson learned today: Even if you only have a few minutes, yoga can alter your mindset and better your day.


 I really like creating a flow that targets what  my mindbody brings to the mat. For example, this morning my husband and I went  for a run (Gate River Run training week 8  Four miles in the cold darkness , talking about hopes and dreams and loving it! We arrived home energized, inspired and ready for the day.

Mindful of my 28 in 28 commitment,  I began to prepare for practice. After 3 classes in 2 days, I  have typically taken a break from  asana on Wednesday. This morning felt different. I decided to match my energy level with a bit of asana focusing on hamstrings and hips after a cold run. Also, I knew I had to keep it short.  

After a moment of centering I warmed up with Child’s Pose, Cat Cow and some spinal rocking. I then entered into Tadasana. What a feeling of gratitude. My spirit thanking myself for this time? Acknowledgement of my commitment to this practice? Perhaps a brief glimpse of the connection to that divine we all seek. From there I practiced a few Sun Salutations, modifying a bit as I am still sore from yoga last night. I then  focused on hamstrings and hips with Down Dog and Pidgeon. Half shoulder stand and Happy Baby brought me to Shavasana.

Thus ends my physical practice of yoga on day three. But I also acknowledge that, just as the Apostle Paul suggests in the New Testament of the Bible that we pray without ceasing, yoga is a practice we take with us into our day, guiding interactions with others and helping temper our inner dialogue.

Jack and Jill went down the hill, their water buckets ready to fill. Jill’s was empty, Jack’s half full, and he had water to drink on the way. In no time Jack was ready to start back up, while Jill took twice as long. In fact, she got tired of the work and stopped halfway. Jack told her she wouldn’t have enough for the journey, but she liked not having a bucket so heavy and started back up anyway.

In this clumsy story, the buckets symbolize our souls and the water our spiritual resources.  When we don’t take time to nourish our spirit, we will draw on it and use it up. Then it becomes very hard to DO anything that will serve to rebuild our being. Also, we turn into a bunch of lightweights, having gotten used to a diminished capacity for energy and spirituality. we become satisfied with a lesser engagement with life.

This all occurred to me in Savasana, or corpse pose last night:

A time for complete stillness, obviously my mind was roaming.

Bottom line, we must take time to nourish our spirit. This may be yoga, church or meditiation.  But the harder it is to make time for it and actually do it, the more we probably need it.

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