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Practice these last few days of February has been wonderful (of course,) and life has moved so fast it has been difficult to sit down to log them. So here goes:

Thursday we had an awesome practice with Paula at Ocean Yoga. Anusara inspired, we worked on Bird of Paradise from the wall, and the pinnacle pose was an amazingly open backbend with almost straight legs, chest pushing through the arms.

Friday was a tough one to sqeeze in. I had a training run scheduled for that day, and a good deal of work. I ended up dedicating a few minutes post run to som yoga breathing and stretching.

Saturday was another Anusara class with Paula. The median age in that class is about 50, and these people are amazingly fit. I am inspired every time I go.


Well, it is 15 of 28 today. I have had two wonderful yoga sessions. First, Alyson’s Personal Practice at Yoga Den. I had to cut it short for an early meeting, so I took shavasana after the balancing series and headed out. It was actually a very pleasant meeting!

Then, my friend @Aurora28IF came over for an hour of practice. We had a great time. She has been so kind to let me practice teaching. We have experimented with music, flows, technique, and each time she gives me very valuable feedback. Thank you @Aurora28IF! I am so grateful for it!

And now, muscles spent, mind at rest, it is time for sleep. Peace.

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