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This morning I cut back from 10 minutes to 5. I focused on breath and the candle glow through my eyelids.¬† Again, not as easy as it has been, but once I caught myself struggling with outside thoughts, I released the fight and actually felt my face relax. It happened more than once but each time I was able to release them. I call that progress ūüôā


This morning I practiced the “energy healing” meditation. With my head cold still hanging on, I thought this was a good idea. Breathing healing light in through my solar plexus, and out to my general sinus area.

I didn’t realize that is where the healing light should go until probably halfway through the meditation. Until that point I imagined exhaling healing light throughout my body. A nourishing experience overall. This meditation did last for about 10 minutes, as I am gradually increasing my sitting time.

This went quickly! This time I set the timer for 7 minutes. I settled in and began breathing consciously. Light ujjayi¬†breaths. Trying to clear my mind, I realize how hard it is to¬†accomplish. My back hurts (it’s early and cold and I am a bit stiff.) I think of a stadium chair I can bring into the room, then gently acknowledge I have drifted. Back to the breath. But I am struggling here. My head cold is making breathing hard. Wait, that is the incense. A little goes a long way in this converted bedroom. Okay, I can deal. Well, not really. Maybe I should put it out.

It always takes a few moments for me to warm into the meditation. I think perhaps it is time to take it to 10 minutes.

Eventually I put the incense out. It interferes with my breathing to an uncomfortable point.  Just briefly opening my eyes and then settling back in.

The 7 minutes flew. Almost as soon as I settled back, the timer went off.Tomorrow, I think I will try a suggested mediation from¬†Alyson’s Teacher Training manual. A bit more direction might be helpful. I will also increase the time to 10 minutes. For now, it is time to get ready for the day.

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