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Another outstanding power yoga class tonight at Yoga Den with Alyson Foreacre. Tonight we focused on hips through a series of Warriors, Cresent Lunges and more. We repeated the same sequence of about 10 postures over and over. Each flow we held the pose a bit less.Very challenging and definitely different. The reaction of the class was interesting. Some welcomed the new flow, some fought it. All were challenged.

It is also interesting to realize that I know this, without speaking to anyone until after the class. At one point Alyson laughed and commented that the class was giving her the “hairy eyeball.” I loved that because she kept it real. She knew this was different, challenging and many were out of their comfort zone. She also made it okay to acknowlege the struggle, the frustration, and her humor helped us all to let it go.

That was when the real joy came into the flow. When we released tension, resistence, and got out of our minds. We just existedin our bodies and moved with the breath. Observing, aware, we released.


Working on a gentle flow for my first regular private student tonight! As I break down asanas into teachable steps, I think about the first and most important element of yoga, the breath. I plan to introduce conscious breathing in the beginning of practice, and eventually work up to the Ujjayi breath.

Yoga means union or yoke, as in yoking breath with movement, body with mind, individual with the divine. Through conscious breathing, the process of unification begins.

I’m looking forward to teaching this class. I know I will learn more through this experience than my student. For that, I am grateful.

I loved practicing outside in the gentle rain, until my mat got too slippery. Moving into the patio, the cat became very interested in what I was doing, and during handstand Ginger, our greyhound, just stared. I am sure she was thinking something like, “Gosh, she’s all mixed up. I hope she doesn’t hurt herself.”

Also, it is time to sweep the patio. It took only one DirghaPersonal Practice Day 1 (2) breath to realize that!

Rewarding, yes. I will learn quite a bit by going through a flow unguided several times a week. I hope to be able to have enough discipline to do a few one hour sessions by myself. Today’s was a half hour. I will have to create a special place for it, however. Or just sweep the patio.

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