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I met with Alyson today, my teacher at Yoga Den, where I am getting certified. She and I talked for a bit about the business of yoga. The big news for right now:  She asked me to teach for her! What an honor and what a great sign from the universe. YES!

So, it is official. I am on for a Power Hour Thursdays at 4:30 starting April 8th at Yoga Den! AFter a few days of starting to really feel my heart in my throat about leaing my full time job,  this feels really good! WHOOP!

As a side note, then we went into the 6:00pm Sun Power class. What a great feeling, what a great way to celebrate! 23 of 28! YAH!


On Mondays I practice with a friend. She is kind enough to let me lead and work on my teaching technique. Tonight we tried out  my Beat Yoga idea. Contemporary music guides us through Sun A’s and B’s, Side Angle and Triangle, a challenging balancing series and fun ab work. We took time to isolate the proper placement of the knee in Triangle and the shoulders in plank and wheel.

I got great feedback from my friend. The reality is that I will be transitioning to teaching yoga full-time this summer. As I prepare to leave a conventional wage earning life behind, I have a few “heart in throat” moments to quote another friend who owns her own business. Getting feedback tonight, and watching the traffic of this blog take off, helps to keep me centered on my goal.

Faith in my potential. This is my lesson for tonight. Peace.

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