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Brief and deep: Sun Salutations after my long run. Warrior One opening the hips.

The whirlwind began. Cleaning, cooking, cooking and cooking. Superbowl Sunday! Chili, cornbread, guacamole. Yum! Friends over. So much fun!

Then, tonight. Time to slow down. Six deep Dirgha breaths. Clearing the mind, hand on stomach. Belly, center, chest, hold. Chest, center, belly, hold. Finding that space between exhale and inhale. Staying there. Enjoying the quiet. A great day.


Saturday morning, 10am Ocean Yoga. Awesome Anusara inspired class with Paulo Puopolo.We have been working on creating openings in class and transitioning this into our daily lives. Often we say “I’m fine” to the common greeting “How are you.” Likewise, we often indicate our openness to criticism, feedback and new experiences.

However, to be truly open, sometimes we have to go deep. This is directly from Paula. I think about a flower. In order to experience the full beauty of a flower, the petals must release, the most vulnerable parts exposed, the very nectar accessible.

How often do we let that happen? Surely there is a safe place to do so. To totally release. Breath work can get us there.  I feel like I can do that in my home, with my husband. Maybe even with my sister. I am a realist though. I sell advertising for a living :). What I think Yoga provides today is that safe place to release. #6 of 28.

4 of 28: Tonight I went to an outstanding class with Paula Puopolo at Ocean Yoga: Through a  wonderful series of hip openers and inverted postures, we targeted our hamstrings, glutes and other various muscles and tendons in the hip and pelvis. I say wonderful now that I feel so loose and free, but at the time there was some serious intensity.

After class, I came home and opened “Yoga Anatomy”  by Leslie Kaminoff ( to determine what the heck we worked. I am no expert at anatomy. However, after 35 years of living in this body, I believe I have finally met my Adductor Longus muscle. If I were to sketch out the meeting it would go like this:

Inhale “ooooohhhh you are new to me:
Exhale “Not really. I’ve actually been here our whole life. You have just been sitting and running and driving and typing too much lately to remember me.”
Inhale “Ummm, really. Oh my gosh. You feel reeeaaally wierd. You mean you’ve been here all along?”
Exhale “Ohhh yah. You have no idea. Now be quiet and just breathe.”
Inhale “Umm, Okay but”
Exhale “Breeeeaaathe, that’s it.”


Paula is an Anusara inspired instructor. After the pinnacle pose, during which the above convo took place,  we came to the front of our mat. We closed our eyes and found tadasana. I felt my center, in my pelvis. I did not sway, I simply sank into that place. A complete peace.  

4 of 28. Oh YAH!

Wonderful practice at Yoga Den with teacher, Alyson Foreacre. Searching for that space between challenge and ease, seeking that edge and staying there. Unifying breath takes us through asanas as we cleanse and purify. Thank you to all the Tuesday night Yoga Den yogi and yoginis that shared it with me.

This morning I practiced the “energy healing” meditation. With my head cold still hanging on, I thought this was a good idea. Breathing healing light in through my solar plexus, and out to my general sinus area.

I didn’t realize that is where the healing light should go until probably halfway through the meditation. Until that point I imagined exhaling healing light throughout my body. A nourishing experience overall. This meditation did last for about 10 minutes, as I am gradually increasing my sitting time.

As per the assignment last weekend, I attempted my first meditation this morning. Setting the timer I went to the Christmas Tree and put my pillow on the floor and sat. I thought it would be a great spot because it just feels so warm and inviting. So did my cat. And my dog. It is becoming obvious that I need to create a spot in the house to dedicate to yoga. Ideally this spot would have a door :).

Getting back to the meditation, I simply concentrated on my breathing. When outside distractions or thoughts presented themselves, I let them go. This was a great opportunity to practice unattatchment.

The act of carving out a specific time and space, even though it was just five minutes, set an intention for my morning. I got right on and blogged, and am clearer about my priorities today.

We are supposed to meditate and journal once a week for the next several weeks. I may try to begin all my weekday mornings with a meditation, 5 minutes, and see how that affects my week.

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