It’s a post about Twitter on a Yoga blog? Well, the reality is that my world is a mesh of media and Yoga these days. Teach a bit, work a bit, teach a bit and so on. I am able to squeeze in personal practice about twice a week now, which is nice. Combine this with working in a new consulting firm, a new phone, new computer, you’ve been there… as a result, some things have slipped. One of them is my Tweetlife.

I have missed it! Twitter is a valuable connector for me- I get to access great thinking on the marketing front, and I am inspired daily by the Yogis and Yoginis that I follow as well. It helps keep me current and relevant in a field that changes by the moment, and gives me access to people that I would otherwise never meet.

So, I’ve reconnected. I’m better informed and will be better at what I do because of it.