Dalai Lama photo by Elton Melo

In the summer of 2001, while living in DC, I saw the Dalai Lama speak. I and 500,00 of my closest friends migrated to the National Mall in the middle of July in a quest for wisdom and enlightenment. It was a people carpet. No spots of green were visible as dreadlocked twenty-somethings crowded in with monks and yuppies.  There were huge screens set up to across the lawn to broadcast his image, and the sound system was amazing. Even though many people would not get within a half of a mile of the stage, they would still be able to watch him, and hear him, when he spoke.

It was not a cool day, to say the least. Water bottles at the ready, sunscreen dutifully applied, we  waited earnestly, sweating in the blistering sun. Finally, the Dalai Lama appeared on the stage. The entire crowd, on its feet, quieted instantly.  His attendants stood behind him, silent and graceful. He walked to the microphone, adjusted it, and cleared his throat. We were listening.

“It’s hot,” he said.

“Hmmmm, yes,” we thought. Universal agreement. “It is hot.”

“Let’s sit!” He exclaimed.

“Hmmmm, let’s sit,” we pondered. He said it again and laughed. And then he sat down, taking the microphone with him. 

Slowly it dawned on us that he was serious. We began to sit, which wasn’t easy as we were so close to one another. I found myself relaxing and opening up a bit. I think I was trying to0 hard, listening so earnestly that my ears had closed.  I marveled that the first words out of this great man’s mouth equalized us all. We were ALL hot. We should ALL sit.  His message was clear: We are all in this together so lighten up and have a seat!

This memory came to me the other day, as I was flying from SQE to Fidelity to make my 5:15 class. Things are going great with SQE. I’m still working there, and the woman who is replacing me is doing a great job. In fact, we are turning out to be a good team, and SQE is liking the results.

In my alternate universe, YogaShae is flourishing. I am teaching 11 classes this week. It is time to decide what to keep and what to let go in order to allow time for  privates and workshops.

This is a wonderful place to be. I am also kind of, a bit, loosing it. :). Just a little.

I think in sending me this memory, the universe is reminding me to lighten up! Relax into this space. In Yoga, relaxing into a pose can bring us deeper into it. Once we stop fighting, letting go of the drama and the story, there is just the pose, just the energy. We can access both more clearly and completely from that space.

And so once again as in Yoga, so it seems it is life. I’m trying to lighten upon myself. Let the drama and the story go and just sink into the pace. It won’t be forever, but it is for now. It is good, and I am grateful.