Literally. It wasn’t easy though. I went to bed last night kind of dreading this morning’s Yoga for Runners class. The main reason was the start time: 6:15am. On-Monday-morning. Ironically, this is my class. I am the teacher. I decided on the day and time. Hah!

Post class, I can say it was so worth it. We spent 10 minutes warming up: Tadasana, Ardha Chandrasana and a few other poses. Then we went of a 20 minute walk/jog to and on the beach.

What a gorgeous sunrise, I almost forgot I was running.  The wind moved across my skin, cool and invigorating. The sounds of the ocean and the birds, the easy conversation with the class, lifted my spirit even higher. This idea of a running/Yoga combo at sunrise is something my husband and I have talked about for about a year. Today it became a reality, and I am so grateful.

We returned and went through about 30 minutes of standing, seated and supine postures, and then we closed with Savasana. Replenished, energized.  And we started the week with the sun!