59 days since my last post. I know. I actually talk to people about how to leverage social media for small business. What can I say.

Before I say any more, I am loving this. It isn’t a pace I can keep up very long, but I can do this right now. My day typically starts with a wake up before 6am for practice. I may actually be teaching a class, or rehearsing for later that week. Either way, by 8am I am activating the hybrid synergy drive and flying to Orange Park in my Prius. Some mornings it seems to sprout wings. 🙂

This is probably my last month with SQE, where I have been in advertising sales for 6 and a half years. I am finding it more enjoyable than ever before. Perhaps it is an in-the-moment sort of euphoric recall that I am experiencing. I am also realizing how much I care about my clients. I am training a wonderful woman to take over. She is not only doing a great job, she is making improvements in areas that we really need. She will take care of these clients, and I feel good about that. 

YogaShae is gangbusters. Well at least as gangbusters as I can handle right now. I am teaching at Fidelity National Financial 4 days a week. As SQE tapers down, I will offer workshops and privates there as well. I am teaching weekly at Yoga Den and will start at Ocean Yoga with 2 classes next week.

I am in two or three shavasanas a day. I think that helps keep my sanity.

What am I learning through this? How much I don’t know.

Is it worth it?

A few weeks ago, the class went into Uttanasana, forward fold. Even with gentle guidance to release their necks, let their heads hang, most of them didn’t. It was as if the entire class had a really tough day at work. I have been there. I remember what that was like. By the middle of class, they were better able to let go.

What a feeling.