I have several very close family members who are complete carnivores. Now, I have not been a practicing Vegetarian for long, and I do make exceptions for oysters. However, there is one other exception I have learned to make, that is dinner with the family.

You know the situation, I am sure. I believe that the particular family member I am thinking of does try to accommodate. There are usually plenty of side items at her table. However, she has never asked why I decided to abstain from meat. I cannot bring myself to explain it to her either. As a child she struggled for survival in a way most of us could never understand. For someone who scraped by so, and whose culture considers meat an essential part of every meal and even snack, I can imagine it is confusing.

We are often invited to her house for dinner. I have tried the reverse, having she and her husband over, but this just never seems to work out. In every other way she is warm and loving, and for her an offer of food is as much an offer of love as a hug or kiss is. I understand and respect those of you that disagree. However, I just cannot turn away her meal.

In reading this, I sound slightly in angst. I am not. I have accepted this and love her happily. I am wondering though, have you been there? What did you do?