As February comes to a close, I reflect on my practice for the month. I have noticed real benefits from some type of centering time every day. I am more calm, more peaceful. It is almost as if I am blissed out at all times. I’ll take it!

Seriously, there is no question this has brought me into a deeper practice on the mat. My mind quiets more easily and I can dial into that focused space. Off the mat, my interactions with others, particularly at work, have an element of joy to them. I watch myself from the outside thinking, “How the heck did I come up with that response. That was good!” Does this come from 28 straight days of asana and/or mediation, I think, largely, yes.

This month took discipline. I had been practicing about 4-5 times a week. I counted my off days as necessary for my body to recover. I think the most important lesson I internalized this month is that practice does not ALWAYS have to be on the mat. In fact, some of the most meaningful practice can be honoring a Yama or a Niyama in a challenging situation. Stay tuned for thoughts on that.

For now, my 28th practice:

Today’s practice was with my husband before and after our long training run.

We began with Half Moon, stretching side body, making room for air. Forward folds and down dogs followed, and then we ran. Seventy minutes of time with him. One of my teachers says marriage is some of the hardest yoga there is. I think I understand the concept, but on these runs, the barriers drop and we talk. It is our time to hash out problems we may be having during the week, discuss ideas and dreams and set goals. I feel closer to him during our runs than almost any other time of the week. Today, we discussed my dreams for my yoga business and brainstormed tons of ideas. What a great guy :).

Post run, we hit the beach. Blue water, white sand. Mountain, Half moon again, Dancer, Forward Fold and Down Dog. Holding hands, we walked back. I’m a lucky girl :).

I am so grateful for this month. Thank you, Sarah Kohl, for this inspiration! Thank you February, for ushering in this new awareness. I am more open and fully dedicated because of it. Peace.