Wonderful yoga today! After a brisk 32 degree run with my husband, we practiced some of the postures learned from this week’s Yoga for Runners workshop courtesy of Lululemon and Yoga Den. Just 15 minutes, but so necessary to warm and lengthen cold muscles. And, I love doing yoga with my husband. It is just the best thing ever. (Hearts.)

For lunch, my co-worker and I practiced in her beautiful office overlooking a lake here in Orange Park, Florida. She is another friend-turned-student who has been gracious enough to let me practice teaching. After a supine warm up, involving flexing and movement of ankles, knees and hips, we moved the spine through Cat Cow and then a gentle Down Dog. A few Surya A’s and then a focus on hips through the Warrior sequences, Side Angle and Triangle.

She was so present during the practice, and so intensely focused on each posture. I think of my journey on the mat and can’t help but smile at what is in store for her!