This weekend was a forced break, for both my husband and myself. We played and talked. We visited the town where we were married, (Fernandina Beach,) and kicked it off with a great workshop from Alyson Foracre and Lululemon. Yoga for Runners Saturday at Lulu in St. John’s Town Center. We started with some breathing and side stretching, then a quick 1 mile run followed by about an hour and a half of postures and flow. We both learned a great deal!

Sunday, our long run, and then stretching using some of the techniques we learned from Alyson! And then, an idea was born. Why not host a daily run/yoga hour from 6:15-7:15? Perhaps this becomes part of Anjali Yoga’s offerings? Definitely worth exploring.

Great weekend, awesome yoga. Giving thanks to the universe for this blessing.