Saturday morning, 10am Ocean Yoga. Awesome Anusara inspired class with Paulo Puopolo.We have been working on creating openings in class and transitioning this into our daily lives. Often we say “I’m fine” to the common greeting “How are you.” Likewise, we often indicate our openness to criticism, feedback and new experiences.

However, to be truly open, sometimes we have to go deep. This is directly from Paula. I think about a flower. In order to experience the full beauty of a flower, the petals must release, the most vulnerable parts exposed, the very nectar accessible.

How often do we let that happen? Surely there is a safe place to do so. To totally release. Breath work can get us there.  I feel like I can do that in my home, with my husband. Maybe even with my sister. I am a realist though. I sell advertising for a living :). What I think Yoga provides today is that safe place to release. #6 of 28.