4 of 28: Tonight I went to an outstanding class with Paula Puopolo at Ocean Yoga: http://www.oceanyoga.biz/. Through a  wonderful series of hip openers and inverted postures, we targeted our hamstrings, glutes and other various muscles and tendons in the hip and pelvis. I say wonderful now that I feel so loose and free, but at the time there was some serious intensity.

After class, I came home and opened “Yoga Anatomy”  by Leslie Kaminoff (http://www.yogaanatomy.org/) to determine what the heck we worked. I am no expert at anatomy. However, after 35 years of living in this body, I believe I have finally met my Adductor Longus muscle. If I were to sketch out the meeting it would go like this:

Inhale “ooooohhhh you are new to me:
Exhale “Not really. I’ve actually been here our whole life. You have just been sitting and running and driving and typing too much lately to remember me.”
Inhale “Ummm, really. Oh my gosh. You feel reeeaaally wierd. You mean you’ve been here all along?”
Exhale “Ohhh yah. You have no idea. Now be quiet and just breathe.”
Inhale “Umm, Okay but”
Exhale “Breeeeaaathe, that’s it.”


Paula is an Anusara inspired instructor. After the pinnacle pose, during which the above convo took place,  we came to the front of our mat. We closed our eyes and found tadasana. I felt my center, in my pelvis. I did not sway, I simply sank into that place. A complete peace.  

4 of 28. Oh YAH!