It has been a few days since I last meditated. This morning I rose with the intention of doing so, and got caught up in the workings of starting the day.  These include kissing my husband who has been up for at least an hour and going over our dreams etc, delightful greetings to the pets and making sure they have food and water, coffee or tea and making the bed together.

Then I sat down to meditate. I was already so stimulated from the morning goings on that I found it difficult to concentrate. My mind was on the day ahead, my husband’s day, my new free yoga pants from twitter (fun!) and I really struggled to clear my mind.

It was a struggle and there is a good lesson. I forgot to let the thoughts flow in and out rather than fight them. Last, at least initially, I think it is best to try to meditate first thing, before the pets and the chats and maybe, gulp, even  before coffee.