This morning marks my return to work after 2 weeks off! What a whirlwind. I was sure I would meditate every morning, practice yoga daily and generally catapult my practice to a new level.

Well, let’s just say that didn’t exactly happen :). This idea of carving out time for your practice, for meditation, etc is a reality. In some ways, work is an excuse to tune out of our bodies, out of ourselves, and throw our beings into the modern cacophony. These last two weeks, however, holidays, family, etc took the place of work as reasons to skip practice or jump into the day rather than ease into it with a morning meditation…

These are just excuses. Development of that internal dialogue requires discipline.

I type this after completing my third seated meditation. Using Ujjayi breathing to focus my thoughts, I sat for 7 minutes. We have devoted a bedroom in the house to yoga now, and with the door closed, no animals and a candle burning, it was a bit easier now. I could still hear NPR in the kitchen, my husband and I are addicted, and I practiced dis-attachment to the sound. For the most part it worked. Tomorrow I will remember to turn it off before :).

The breathing definitely helped focus my thoughts, and towards the end I discovered I could let the sound fill my ears and truly tune in. This is what I will focus on tomorrow. For today, practicing compassion and kindness at work will be my focus.