As per the assignment last weekend, I attempted my first meditation this morning. Setting the timer I went to the Christmas Tree and put my pillow on the floor and sat. I thought it would be a great spot because it just feels so warm and inviting. So did my cat. And my dog. It is becoming obvious that I need to create a spot in the house to dedicate to yoga. Ideally this spot would have a door :).

Getting back to the meditation, I simply concentrated on my breathing. When outside distractions or thoughts presented themselves, I let them go. This was a great opportunity to practice unattatchment.

The act of carving out a specific time and space, even though it was just five minutes, set an intention for my morning. I got right on and blogged, and am clearer about my priorities today.

We are supposed to meditate and journal once a week for the next several weeks. I may try to begin all my weekday mornings with a meditation, 5 minutes, and see how that affects my week.