Exhilarated, exhausted, enlightened 🙂 That pretty much sums up my feelings as I roll out of bed this morning and prepare to try to make it into the office. Teacher Training this weekend stretched me and today I feel it! I also feel the wine I drank when I got home last night. It is funny that the healthier I get, the more deeply I feel indulgences.

We meditated, demonstrated our first flow, took a crazy yogalaties class that my abs are still talking to me about. Our homework this month includes mediating once a week and journaling about it. (I will use this blog as my journal.) We are also supposed to work up a 45 minute flow, including all the previous postures, and getting creative with including one asana from each element: supine, sitting, prone and standing.

Both challenges delight me and I am eager to begin. For today, I slowly warm into the morning and prepare to come down from the mountain. I will thank my body by eating nourishing food and trying to rest. I will try to carry the peace I felt on the mat into my day.