Last Sunday I went for my long run. My husband and I are training for a 10 mile race on October 25th at White Oak Plantation, He has always wanted to tour it, and it is a fundraiser for  GirlsOn the Run Anyway, that level of running is definitely impacting my flexibility on the mat. My hope is that by continuing to deepen my practice, I will be able to be a better runner, and in turn, the level of fitness I am seeking through running will help me increase strength and stamina on the mat.

Back to last Sunday. My music was pumping, I was having a blast but definitely getting tired. At the end of the run, I felt the urge to go through a few rounds of Surya Namaskar. The music was going and I felt so energized.

It hit me, why couldn’t this be shared? Why couldn’t this be a class taught once a week, with an emphasis on alignment and safety, but to a beat and incorporating a dance like fluidity? I flew home to show my husband who loved it and  spent the next hour working on the flow. This week I ran it by two of my favorite teachers and they both enthusiastically supported the idea. One of them said, “you want to teach it?”

This floored me, but the reality is that yes, I do. I gave her several reasons why I just couldn’t yet:

“It isn’t finished, I’m not officially certified. And I need to be fit enough to do it!”

“You don’t need to be certified Shae. You just  I need to be confident.” 

Confidence, yes.  I need to be confident. But the reality is I have some work to do. This morning I worked on the flow for about an hour and a half. I realize that I really have a ways to go to achieve the level of fitness needed to teach at this tempo. What a great motivator! I realize as I get deeper into certain postures that some areas are more difficult to achieve at my body’s current size.

This is not a harsh judgement on myself. Most women these days have gone through periods in their lives, or spend their entire life, in a battle with their bodies. Think for a minute about what it is like to wake up every morning and pick up the fight you left off the night before, with yourself! Now think about what its like to resurrect the fight 3 times a day. I have been there, believe me. Through patience and cultivation of self-love I have left the harshness of that fight behind. I still struggle with the conversation in my head sometimes, but I don’t let that judging voice in anymore.

However teaching a 60 minute fast tempo yoga class is going to require a different level of fitness. That is where I am going with this line of thinking. Yes, I still want to reach out to the population that relies on yoga for vital living, and also to the population that may be entering their late 40’s, early 50’s and needing to increase flexibility and bone strength. Yoga is so wonderful for that. But this will be a way to let my hair down and stay challenged.

I love music, I love to dance and move and I love yoga. Beet Yoga  will fuse these things in a joyful way, while still focusing on alignment and safety, and giving thanks for life and vitality.